Diving with a guide

For divers with a diving license

Diving on Curaçao with a guide

You are in possession of a diving license but you have never dived on Curaçao? Are you looking for someone who can guide you through diving on Curaçao or who can point you to the most beautiful spots underwater? Or do you not dive very often and enjoy professional guidance?

Then we are happy to advise you on a dive with a guide. We specialize in shore dives of every level of difficulty. We work with an open agenda. This means that the customer decides which dive spot we visit on which day!

Do you already know which spots you want to dive? Let us know! Have no idea what you would like to see? We are happy to advise you!

Unique dives, accompanied by a guide, are:

Lion-fish hunt

$ 55
Per person

You go in search of the lionfish together with an instructor. This invasive fish has no natural enemies on Curaçao. This fish eats 40% of its body weight of small coral fish per day and thus destroys the ecosystem. That is why, under certain conditions, lionfish may be hunted by means a spear.

During this dive you will learn how to shoot the lionfish with a spear (Hawaiian Sling Spear) and handle it in a safe and humane way.

(The actual presence of this fish is not guaranteed)

Night dives

$ 55
Per person

For the night dive we enter the water just before dark. While you are diving it is getting darker. With your lamp you dive into a completely different world than during the day. The guide points out all the life that sleeps during the day. Think of crabs, lobsters, octopuses, etc.

Dolphin Diving and Dolphin Scuba Encounter

The Dolphin Dive is in the open water, on the reef, with a dolphin from the Sea Aquarium. (Only for divers, max 6 pers) Price on request.

The Dolphin Scuba encounter is conducted in confined waters and is available to divers and non-divers. min 2 pers. Here you will observe a dolphin from very close by in its own habitat. This program is specially made for people with disabilities but is attended by many.

PickUp service

Are you staying on Curaçao, but you don't have your own transport? Ask about our pick up options!

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